Hi there, my name is Emily Burton and I am the person behind Playlists for the People. 

it's me!

That’s me

A short bio: I am a freshman at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania, and I hail from the now faraway land of Wisconsin.

I was born and raised in the lovely city of Milwaukee, but did most of my mental growing up in the Beartooth Mountains, Montana (backpacking for a month)…



…and Madrid, Spain (exchange program).



I have a younger brother (17 years old) who is my best friend…

My brother, Charlie

My brother, Charlie

…and two dogs: Franklin the miniature wiener dog (slash professional sweater model) and Wilson the English springer spaniel (slash professional swimmer).

Wilson & Franklin

Wilson & Franklin

More facts: (that will probably make you wonder if I have friends) (I swear I do)

I have enough sweaters to clothe a small rural village, I am never not craving popcorn, sloths have been my favorite animal since the year 2000, I like swimming in lakes and sleeping outside, I can’t roll my R’s but want to minor in Spanish, I can teach you how to sail, Law and Order SVU dominates my Netflix account, whales will never cease to amaze me, I still sleep with my baby blankets, and I have 5539 songs in my iTunes library.

If I decided to listen to all of those 5539 songs in one sitting, it would take me 14.2 days!

On that note, music is kinda my thing.

And I guess you could say that it has always been my thing. It all began with car rides to elementary school with my dad, who liked to play CDs or cassette tapes of The Jackson 5, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, the Jayhawks, and Lou Bega. I wanted to interact with the music: I would memorize lyrics, make dances, and even asked for a karaoke machine for Christmas.

Getting a karaoke machine for Christmas.

Getting a karaoke machine for Christmas

To avoid telling my whole life history, let’s fast forward to high school, when I was a frustrated avid music listener who didn’t know how to play an instrument (besides the piano). After begging and pleading, I was given an acoustic guitar (her name is Stella). And we became inseparable. I furiously taught myself how to play, and when I discovered that my hands were too small to make bar-chords, I asked for a ukulele. (To hear more about my relationship with my uke, see blog post #1). Next came the mandolin, and the mandolin is still my project.







Fast forward a little more, and now I’m here in college. I needed an outlet for music, so I got involved in the radio, and I absolutely love my show. My dorm wall is covered in Rolling Stone magazine cutouts, a John Lennon poster, an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros poster, concert tickets, a small vinyl record, and of course, my uke.

my dorm wall

My dorm wall

Now about this blog of mine. Playlists for the People, although it is a project for a class I am taking, is another outlet in which I can pursue my musical interests and passions and share them with the wider world.

I believe that whenever we make a playlist, we do it for a very deliberate reason. The act of picking songs to accompany the exact mood, state of being, or stage of life you are in is so special. It is what makes playlists so rich and full of meaning. When I listen to one of my old playlists, I can picture exactly where I was, why the playlist was made, maybe even what I was wearing, but most importantly, what I was feeling at that moment in time. Each playlist has a story behind it. This tends to be their nature, and that’s why I love playlists.

For this blog, I will be combing through those 5539 songs of mine and reaching out to the people like me and you who just need a little music sometimes. I will be making playlists for you that will hopefully open your ears to new listening material, but also provide a soundtrack to simply help you do life (cause doing life is sometimes a little hard ya know).

Whew, spiel = over.

Thanks for lending me a virtual ear and giving this blog a chance.

Happy reading & even happier listening,



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